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Talent Concept

万博app里面的页面展示万博app1.23版下载 EVIK rely on the talent as the fundamental driving force of the development of the company,respect talented person as the important drive for the development of the company,the staff and the company common development as a strategic direction for the development of the company。Adhering to the“ People-oriented,Win-win Cooperation”concept of talent to the stage of all kinds of people with talent,actively create a "happy work, as a result, the wizard" talents growth environment,to promote the common development of enterprises and employees,and employees share the achievements of enterprise development,creat superexcellence,sharing succes!。


  • 【Recruitment】 Purchasing Assistant
  • 2015.8.6
  • 【Recruitment】 E-commerce Commissioner
  • 2015.8.6
  • 【Recruitment】 Trade /foreign trade commissioner/assistant
  • 2015.8.6